Welcome to Sarah Sweeney Podiatry. Located in Hope Island, we are a modern Podiatry clinic with a big focus on patient care. We treat all foot and nail conditions such as ingrown, thickened and fungal toe nails, corns, calluses, cracked heels and plantar warts.


We also treat all sorts of foot and lower limb pain such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis), heel spurs, arch pain, flat feet, feet that roll in (pronated feet), pain in the ball of the foot (morton's neuroma, bursitis, sesamoiditis), midfoot pain, arthritis, bunions, ankle pain, sports injuries, achilles tendinopathy, leg length difference, shin splints, sever's disease and knee pain. 

We bulk bill care plans so check with your GP if you are eligible. We also have HICAPs and can claim your private health fund rebate on the spot for you. 

Located in Broadwater Plaza in Hope Island, in the same complex as Peking Duck Chinese, Godfather Pizza and Subway. 

Sarah Sweeney

Growing up with a Dad as a Podiatrist and watching him run a busy clinic for 35 years, it was only a natural progression that Sarah would become a Podiatrist and eventually run her own clinic too. She absolutely loves her job. To Sarah, there is nothing better than being able to diagnose and treat a range of conditions, and through Orthotic therapy and her technical skills, enable patients to walk pain free again. Sarah enjoys having a chat with all her patients, making a difference in their lives and providing the best foot care possible to everyone she treats.