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We use the latest technology to ensure the most advanced custom foot Orthotics available. Video gait analysis, treadmill and 3D scanning is apart of the Biomechanical Assessment to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment. We treat all sports injuries, foot, knee and back pain and children's conditions. 

Here at our Hope Island Clinic, we use soft EVA Orthotics. Throw away those hard plastic ones you used to wear and slip on a pair of these today. Orthotics provide support, cushioning and shock absorption. They are used to treat a range of conditions. Get rid of that nasty heel pain for good. 

At Sarah Sweeney Podiatry, we treat all skin and nail conditions including cracked heels, ingrown toe nails, fungal nails, corns, callus and plantar warts. Don't suffer in silence, come and see us today.